Installation and Configuration of the following types of CCVT Camera System

  • IP & Analog Camera
  • Video Analytics
  • Convert, Hidden & Spy Camera
  • Wireless & Solar Camera
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Drone Surveillance

For offices and other critical infrastructures to control movement, and thus can be monitored on a central computer and essential reports of movement activities can be generated at finger tip. Access Control System regulate the passage of authorized vehicle and personnel into restricted area including confirming and issuing RFID card or Biometric. For further control of vehicle access, automated licensed plate reader are deployed to further enhance entry control integrity.

  • Bio-metric Reader
  • Smart Card Reader
  • Proximity Card Reader
  • Controller and Cards
  • Security Fences/Gates/Doors/Windows
  • Security Barriers & Turnstile
  • Security Identification

TechSplash offers solutions to help detects and suppress fires. The suite also includes
technologies to help communicate the message effectively and quickly in emergency

  • Commercial Fire
  • Life Safety

It is no longer new that we are in the 21st Century where everything has been computerized and digitalized. New technologies offer to every institutions and sectors are taking great innovation, and new perspective on ICT tools to learn new ways to improve work and learning process. This is why it’s imperative for everyone regardless of your field of endeavor to have a good intensive skills in ICT and Cyber Security Technologies, so as to help protect information and data from cyber intruders. Every department in the world from Banking, Schools Hospitals, Stores, Hotels, Commerce, Agriculture etc. are now going into Computing, infact most establishments cannot do without the use of Computer System. This is why our main aim and goal for everyone is to have adequate knowledge of Information and Communication Technology, and moreso how to secure, protect and guard Information and Data across the Internet and Computer Networks.

  • IT Security – Planning, Analyzing, Implementing
  • Security Control System
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Digital Computer Forensics
  • Data and Network Security/Audit/Recovery
  • Network Information Gathering, Scanning & Protection
  • Website & Mobile App Protection
  • Email Security & Social Engineering
  • Wireless Network Protection
  • Corporate and Private ICT Professional Training
  • Cyber Security Professional Training
  • Special ICT & Cyber Security Professional Training For Private and Government Schools


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