SMS streamline the activities of school system from Applicant Registration, Discipline, Online Payment, Student Profile, Time Table, Course Registration, Hostel Allocation, Examination Management, Attendance Management, Library Management, Leaves, Remarks, Calendar, Student Records, and other features related to academics.

  • Administration
  • Collaboration
  • Data And Reports
  • Mobile Application
  • Dashlets (dashboard)

Hospital information management software with an integrated information system design to manage the administrative, financial, and clinical aspects of a hospital. This encompasses paper-based information processing as well as the data processing system. Managing patient flow effectively is a real-time requirement. We have made this tricky process simple.

Our Hospital Management Solutiom (HMS) gives you user interface in all languages, easy to use by a one-click switch between languages, ideal for managing Hospital Chains all around the world.

Reduces waiting time and enhances patient care by providing staff with accurate and timely patient information. All-in-one hospital or clinic management system that comes with integrated modules such as Appointment, Billing, OPD, IPD, Inventory, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, etc. modules. A hospital and clinic management software which enables you to run your core financial, clinical, and operational processes.

  • Maximize your investment
    With TechSplash HMS, which is a web and browser-enabled software, you require no additional licensed softwares for the operating system or database.
  • Runs on the cloud or as on-premise software and be ensured of its reliability, security, and ability to scale to your needs through its multi-center capabilities.
  • Boost staff collaboration and productivity
    Run your core operations seamlessly. Actions like patient registration, billing, insurance claim submissions and reconciliation, clinical documentation, OP-IP EMR or inventory management are made easy.
  • You can also easily improve your staff collaboration with integrated access to data and better controls, thereby improving their productivity and leading to better clinical outcomes.
  • Improve Patient Experience
    Send patient reminders and notifications (email/SMS) in local languages and use Insta’s patient portal widget integrated with your establishment’s website/mobile app to allow doctor appointments and access to medical records.
  • Integration Capabilities
    Enable integrations with devices, peripherals, equipment and other third-party applications or an HIE with Insta’s HL7 and API technologies.
    Hospital Management Solutions
  • Product Features
    A mission critical application that enables you to run your facility with the full suite of the below modules:
  • Patient Administration:
    Appointment Scheduling (Doctor, Test, Service, Surgery, Generic Resource), Patient Registration, ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer), Bed Management/Bed View and Patient Communication.
  • Revenue Cycle Management:
    Cash Credit Billing, Packages, Rate/Discount Management, Credit Notes,Deposits, Claim Submissions, Medical Coding, Claim Reconciliation and Remittance Advice.
  • Clinical Features:
    Outpatient EMR (with configurable form designs to capture SOAP notes, diagnosis and e-Prescriptions), Pending Prescriptions Dashboard, Inpatient EMR (Notes, MAR, Clinical Documentation), OT-EMR and the EMR View of consolidated electronic medical records.
  • Pharmacy/Inventory:
    Sales, Procurement, Stock Management (Adjustments, Transfers, Indenting).
  • Reporting and other add-on modules.

REMS is an online cloud-based, end-to-end property management software that helps property managers, estate developers and operators manages the overall operational activities and processes, starting from the management of properties to the management of real estate agency performance and efficiency, clients, agents, and financial transactions and also to scale their businesses with several different property types, including mixed portfolios.

Business operation management system (acronym “BOMS”) is a set of tools for strategic planning and tactical implementation of policies, practices, guidelines, processes and procedures that are used in the development, deployment and execution of Business plans, Office Management, Human Resource Management, Operational Management, Business Strategies and all associated management activities.

CMS is built on a robust, cross platform database. This gives your church or parish the exibility to run on a PC, Mac, stand alone or on a network. CMS is easy to use, exible and powerful. Why spend so much time administering your church software? Your church database should work for you, helping you minister to your congregation.
CMS allows you to:

  • Easily communicate with your congregation.
  • Understand how people are involved in your church.
  • Track those that haven’t attended in awhile.
  • Find people with certain skills, talents or volunteer interests.
  • Quickly record donations and contributions.
  • Track pledge progress.
  • Increase security in your child check in areas.
  • Understand who is attending Sunday school classes, small groups and volunteer boards

Secure video communication for businesses, organisations and freelancers. Bring all your employees together from anywhere – whether they work from home, the physical office or other locations. Even visitors can enter your virtual office with only one click. Compatible with all common internet browsers.


  • vOffice Video Calls

Video calls, video conferences and presentations with screen sharing. You can easily add a new participant at any time during the call.

  • Video Call Management

Easy video call scheduling and time management functions

  • Waiting Room

A virtual customisable waiting room for clients and customers

  • vOffice Organisation

Interactive organisation chart. A well-structured base of communication for productive and efficient collaboration with status visibility.

  • Chat

Quick exchange of information via chat message.

  • File transfer

Direct file transfer between participants 

Every business produces important documents that must be saved and easy to access at all times. It can be difficult for any company to store these documents properly; they often end up in large piles in a spare room or basement where they can be all but impossible to find when you need them. That’s why TechSplash has created a complete Records Management system that is the perfect solution for saving and keeping track of every record, note and document your company produces

It is inherent for every business to create paperwork as per the volume and magnitude of its operation. TechSplash has created a solution to efficiently manage every document and record of an institution which it needs to permanently save.

The key to TechSplash’s Document Management Solution is the creation of digital or electronic versions of every document which an institution produces. This can be attained by converting documents sent via email, Electronic Data Interchange transmissions, or through other applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Paper documents are also scanned into a digital format so that they can be saved and filed identically. Every organization deals with loads of information in written format. This information is presented in the form of files and documents which are constantly created, modified, updated, archived, or deleted. Organizations are faced with the following challenges for managing and controlling the files and documents spread across different computer systems in various functions and locations:

    Documents may be created or uploaded by any employee and if this is not recorded properly then the company may lose track of who created it, for what purpose, how to access it and who all will or should be able to access it.
    Multiple users may use the document and make changes to it at their own systems making it difficult to consolidate the edits made to the data.
    Users may update the document as and when required creating multiple versions, and if not properly maintained, the previous versions and historical data may get lost in the process.
    Unauthorized persons may access documents and misuse confidential information and intellectual property or worse – delete them intentionally or accidentally.
    With documents spread across locations it is a herculean task to locate relevant files which may contain the data or information you need at any given time. Organizations need a well-designed document control management system to overcome the challenges mentioned above and be able to utilize the enormous data and information to its advantage.


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